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What is a class packet?
A class packet is a customized course manual

compiled by the professor for his/her students.

The material may be original, reproduced from

outside sources, or a combination of both.

Who can use a class packet? 
Any professor who wants to customize his/her course material can develop a class packet. 

What is PRO-PACKET? 
PRO-PACKET is the business that specializes in producing and distributing class packets.

PRO-PACKET is locally owned and operated by IUP alumni. Our reputation for quality and service has led many of our customers to use our name, "PRO-PACKET," as a universal term for class packets. We are "the class packet professionals."

Who benefits from class packets? 
Students and professors benefit equally. Students save money and time. Class packets are usually much less expensive than textbooks, and they are more convenient than making copies of library reserve material, professors’ notes, lectures, etc. Professors avoid the cost and hassle of reproducing class handouts and enjoy the convenience of using a concise manual containing specific, relevant course material.

How large does a packet need to be? 
No packet is too small or too large. We produce packets less than 10 pages and packets in excess of 750 pages!

How does a professor develop a packet for his/her class? 
You simply provide us with the material that will be included in the packet, and we’ll do the rest! We provide free pick-up and delivery of your material. There’s no need to leave your office! Plus, we provide complimentary professor copies.

What if the packet contains copyrighted material? 
Just give us the bibliography information, and we’ll seek permission to reproduce the material. 

How much lead time does PRO-PACKET require? 
If no copyright permission is needed and it's not peak course packet season, we can usually have a packet ready within hours. We process copyright requests quickly! The time required to receive responses varies according to publishers and the quantity of requests.

How much does it cost? 
Individual packet prices vary according to the number of pages and choice of binding. If the packet contains copyrighted material, publishers may require royalties. There still is absolutely no cost to the professor!